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Congrats to Jin

So the other day i was browsing Jin Saotome's Website and noticed he hadn't updated it with his insanely awesome Punch/Counterpunch custom.
I messaged him and he answered: "You're right,the website does need updating!" .
He added P/CP to the Front page but not the archive or newsposts. I thought he had just Lazied-out (if it wasn't a word,it is now bitch!) for a bit,like everyone sometimes does. However,reading some newsposts,it turns out he recently got married and went on a honeymoon!
So Congratulations to the Legendary John "Jin Saotome" Mallamas! (hope i spelled that last name right)

Classics 2.0 - Tankor aka Octane

His shield look weird,but i TOTALLY want this guy.
Also,i am a straight guy with sexual fantasies about wheelie,is that very disturbing?

Newbgrounds ftw!

Don´t forget to check out Newgrounds some time,it´s awesome.

Eric Catman sez

I submitted a lolcat today ;-)

Revoltech VF-1S Armor

Revoltech VF-1S Armor
Originally uploaded by H-Arms
I bet i can kitbash the revoltech VF-1S into a revoltech jetfire.
I saw a cheap one on ebay so nothing is really stopping me.
except maybe...y'know...the complete and total lack of money and painting supplies. ^_^
I want you...the non-existent visitors of this blog,to tell me if i should go for it anyway.
so uh,yeah. comment and stuff or i'll kill your puppies.


I´ve read every ctrl+alt+del comic so far. So you can imagine how much i want this here zeke plushie.

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What the FUCK!

So Nala posted a link to this vid that showed Corey burton (of G1 Fame) as Megatron!
But fucking cartoon network thought it 'd be funny to go racist and disable access to videos for all who are not "cewl americans like them"

So to USA visitors:enjoy.
To all others:Let's protest so Cartoon Network goes off the air.


Oh god,even just thinking about this bash makes  me cry.

This would be the best classics figure evah if  hastak decided to release it. It´s gonna have to settle with "best fort max bash evah" though.

I would totally give this a shot myself if i had cybertron metroplex.

You can click right here to go to heaven without dying first.



I decided on posting a vid of my oldest kitbash,from when i had noe kitbashing experience whatsoever.